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Let the Projects begin…Mud Room/ Bathroom demolition

Mud room / Bathroom demolition Demolition of the kitchen has now spread into the back porch / bathroom area.  Due to the leaking kitchen sink and bathtub for years, the floor and wall  between the two rooms has rotted away.   These next images are from our initial walk thru of the house.  Image#1 is the entrance … Continue reading Let the Projects begin…Mud Room/ Bathroom demolition

Let the projects begin….Kitchen Demo 1

Kitchen demo….. All of these pictures are taken during our walk thru prior to purchasing the house….. Brian and Gabor start tearing up the linoleum flooring.  Hoping to find the old wooden floors underneath all this old linoleum, would love to be able to refinish the floors.. We decided to take the pantry back to show … Continue reading Let the projects begin….Kitchen Demo 1

Let the projects begin…..

Side Porch…..  The images below are of the side porch when we took possession.   Besides looking horrible it smelled awful, I refused to even enter the enclosed side porch.  It was a combination of wet musty and animal urine smell…..nasty. Brian immediately began to pull down the ceiling, hoping to help the horrible smell.  I … Continue reading Let the projects begin…..

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