Dickerson Homestead Project

Join us on our journey to a new lifestyle.  We have decided to get rid of our house in the Lake community and start a new life in the country raising animals and enjoying the outdoors.  O10906492_350929878422339_5767401331296301415_nur search begins for the perfect house and property…..and how we make it our own.

Well in 2014, we decided to finally sell our house in the POA lake community that we have lived in for 12 years.  After pulling our house off the market due to winter coming, we received a cash offer and excepted the offer.  I wasn’t thrilled because I didn’t want to move in the dead of winter and my husband was going to be out of town for 3 weeks during the move and closing.
 After three weeks of hell, the majority of our belongings were moved into four storage sheds and my In-laws house and garage plus some at a few friends house.  My husband was gone to California for work, during the last days of the move and my melt downs ( I can laugh now, but at the time I was stressed and crying.)  The night before my husband’s flight we still had a 3 car garage to empty…..thank goodness for my son and his friends, but I lost a lot of items to a dumpster.  The day of closing brought even more stress, the keys to the garage came up missing, one of the locks at the storage shed was frozen and the key broke off in it  and the under ground fence broke.   The new owners were nice enough to let us stay for another few days then it was time to load up our two dogs (the oldest has breast cancer) and cat  plus my two sons and headed out on an hour trip to drop the animals off at a boarding facility. And then for us it was off to an motel for 2 weeks.  Two weeks in one room in the middle of winter with a 4 year old is a bit much.  During all of this craziness, our oldest son was in the process of buying his first home.  We decided to move in with him and not rent a house while looking for our perfect property / home.  But as for the usual Dickerson luck, his house closing got pushed back another week.  So we had to extend our hotel stay and move the animals in with us as well…..talk about a full room.  Finally our oldest closed on his house and we all in moved in for the time being…..  Now let the search begin for our dream home.

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