High hopes….

High hopes….a possibility

Well its been 5 months of searching sites, driving around the county looking for property and checking out properties suggested by family and friends.  We have done quite a few drive-by on properties but no actual on site appointments.  Always something, either we didn’t like the property or we didn’t like the house or to far from my husband’s work or just too expensive for us.  Since our youngest was born, I became a stay at home mom and our income was cut almost in half.  So we decided our house budget should be cut back, well actually way back…almost in half.
I’m getting depressed, nothing on the sites even if we raise our budget.   So time to start thinking outside of the box to find what we are looking for…….
I happened to be on craigslist looking for HAM gear and noticed they have a real estate for sale area.  So after searching through 100’s of listing, one property caught my eye.  It’s a bit smaller than we want in acres but close to our price range and the type of house that we both like….farm house style.  The description sounds like the perfect house for us.  I immediately email the listing, with high hopes.



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