Let the projects begin….Kitchen Demo 1

Kitchen demo…..

All of these pictures are taken during our walk thru prior to purchasing the house…..
Brian and Gabor start tearing up the linoleum flooring.  Hoping to find the old wooden floors underneath all this old linoleum, would love to be able to refinish the floors..
We decided to take the pantry back to show the brick chimney.  And of course Gabor jumped in to help take down the wall.   Only problem after we were done with this demo, Gabor wanted to go knock down more walls……
 Unfortunately we found the hardwood underneath the linoleum but the entire area by the kitchen sink was rotten and some of the floor was missing ….it had been replaced with plywood and floor leveling cement.
We knew we had a problem with the floors do to the sloop/sagging of the floors by the under stair closet.  Once the floor was pulled up we found out why…..a missing floor joist and multiple broken joist.
Well most of the new floor joist are in and the subfloor is partially down in the kitchen area.  Brian and Grandpa Jack are busy working on the beam that is rotten (where the kitchen sink had a leak, most likely for years)

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