Let the Projects begin…Mud Room/ Bathroom demolition

Mud room / Bathroom demolition

Demolition of the kitchen has now spread into the back porch / bathroom area.  Due to the leaking kitchen sink and bathtub for years, the floor and wall  between the two rooms has rotted away.   These next images are from our initial walk thru of the house.  Image#1 is the entrance from the back door, Image #2 is the back porch, Image #3 is a picture of the ceiling, Image #4 & Image #5 the bathroom.
The following images were taken during the deconstruction process of the back porch and bathroom.  As per the norm of deconstruction of this house, surprises around every corner.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the floor before we hit wood floors.  There was two layers of indoor/outdoor carpeting and then two layers of tar paper plus newspapers.  The inner wall had insulation but not the outer walls.  (We are beginning to think this area was once a porch that they enclosed)  The wall that divided the room into had an extension cord inside as part of the wiring, it amazes me that he hadn’t burned down.   Image#1 is of the outer back wall of the house which was covered in roofing paper under the paneling.  Image #2 is off the wall dividing the room into the back porch and bathroom (which we removed, it was a false wall).  Image #3 is the wall separating the kitchen from the back porch.  Image #4 is the corner/back wall where the bathtub was and the kitchen sink was on the other side of that wall.  Image #5 was the floor.  Image #6 & #7 room torn down to just studs.  Image #8 is of the rotten floor.  Image #9 is of the trap door cut into the floor to gain access to the crawl space.  (Not sure how they would have used it since the floor was covered in all the layers of carpet and tar paper)  Image #9 is the other outer wall adjacent to the back door.  And Image #10 is of the ceiling area showing the old siding on the house before the add on of this area.
Funny story….during the deconstruction of this area.   All day I had been after the kids to stay out of the room so they don’t fall into the hole in the floor where the flooring had rotted away under the tub.   My sister-n-law, Jennifer and my mother-n-law, Nancy decided they would help clean up, I walk out of the room for a moment….and my sister-n-law falls into the hole.   I couldn’t help but laugh.  I so wish I had my camera, she is sitting with her butt in the hole.  Glad she didn’t get hurt but what a site.  Guess its not the kids I have to worry about, its the adults.

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