Spam or not????

Spam or not

I emailed the listing…..about a week later I got a response.  Yes!   The son of the owner emailed me back about the property and said, “the family would be at the house over the weekend moving their father out of the property.  He wouldn’t give me the address of the property and said for me to email over the weekend to get directions.”
I am not one to sit around, I wanted to do a drive by on the house.  I knew I had seen the house before but couldn’t remember where, but the son did give me the general location.  So for the next few evenings we drove around the area….but no luck.  The weekend finally arrived, I emailed the listing but no response.    The following week, the son emailed me back and said he would email next time he would be in town.  After a few more correspondence, I began to think this was a spam.  At this point I just quit corresponding.  About 3 weeks later, I received one more email from the son stating that I should contact his sister.  So that evening I called the phone number in the email and spoke with the sister, Debbie.  Debbie immediately set up an appointment time for us to view the property.

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