Temporary living arrangements……

Well we moved into our oldest son’s house, this has been a real adjustment especially for me, mom.   Well the obvious things are space confinements, its still a 3 bedroom house but half the size; we went from two bathrooms to one; and no family room just a living room.  But the worse adjustment at least for me, I can no longer say what time will you be home and where are you going….why because this is my house and my rules, as long as you live under my roof….don’t question me.  So now I have come up with a new saying ……because I’m your mom and I care what happens to you.
My husband laughs and says that I am a helicopter mom, maybe I am….I just care about my kids and want to know if something would happen to them.  I think I actually got worse about this when my oldest starting working night shift.   And it didn’t help when one of his friends / co-worker actually was involved in a car accident and was killed and his family didn’t find out for hours because they couldn’t identify him.
So the search begins……  Everyday I log into my laptop and start the search of checking out all the realtor sites….mibor.com, realtor.com, homes.com, mswoods.com, landwatch.com and a few others.  I knew this search could get difficult, my brother sold his home over a year ago and moved his family into a rental property until they find their new property.  We live in the same county and both are looking for land, except he has a lot more money to spend than us, and he hasn’t been able to find any thing.

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