Let the Projects begin…Mud Room/ Bathroom demolition

Mud room / Bathroom demolition

Demolition of the kitchen has now spread into the back porch / bathroom area.  Due to the leaking kitchen sink and bathtub for years, the floor and wall  between the two rooms has rotted away.   These next images are from our initial walk thru of the house.  Image#1 is the entrance from the back door, Image #2 is the back porch, Image #3 is a picture of the ceiling, Image #4 & Image #5 the bathroom.
The following images were taken during the deconstruction process of the back porch and bathroom.  As per the norm of deconstruction of this house, surprises around every corner.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the floor before we hit wood floors.  There was two layers of indoor/outdoor carpeting and then two layers of tar paper plus newspapers.  The inner wall had insulation but not the outer walls.  (We are beginning to think this area was once a porch that they enclosed)  The wall that divided the room into had an extension cord inside as part of the wiring, it amazes me that he hadn’t burned down.   Image#1 is of the outer back wall of the house which was covered in roofing paper under the paneling.  Image #2 is off the wall dividing the room into the back porch and bathroom (which we removed, it was a false wall).  Image #3 is the wall separating the kitchen from the back porch.  Image #4 is the corner/back wall where the bathtub was and the kitchen sink was on the other side of that wall.  Image #5 was the floor.  Image #6 & #7 room torn down to just studs.  Image #8 is of the rotten floor.  Image #9 is of the trap door cut into the floor to gain access to the crawl space.  (Not sure how they would have used it since the floor was covered in all the layers of carpet and tar paper)  Image #9 is the other outer wall adjacent to the back door.  And Image #10 is of the ceiling area showing the old siding on the house before the add on of this area.
Funny story….during the deconstruction of this area.   All day I had been after the kids to stay out of the room so they don’t fall into the hole in the floor where the flooring had rotted away under the tub.   My sister-n-law, Jennifer and my mother-n-law, Nancy decided they would help clean up, I walk out of the room for a moment….and my sister-n-law falls into the hole.   I couldn’t help but laugh.  I so wish I had my camera, she is sitting with her butt in the hole.  Glad she didn’t get hurt but what a site.  Guess its not the kids I have to worry about, its the adults.

Let the projects begin….Kitchen Demo 1

Kitchen demo…..

All of these pictures are taken during our walk thru prior to purchasing the house…..
Brian and Gabor start tearing up the linoleum flooring.  Hoping to find the old wooden floors underneath all this old linoleum, would love to be able to refinish the floors..
We decided to take the pantry back to show the brick chimney.  And of course Gabor jumped in to help take down the wall.   Only problem after we were done with this demo, Gabor wanted to go knock down more walls……
 Unfortunately we found the hardwood underneath the linoleum but the entire area by the kitchen sink was rotten and some of the floor was missing ….it had been replaced with plywood and floor leveling cement.
We knew we had a problem with the floors do to the sloop/sagging of the floors by the under stair closet.  Once the floor was pulled up we found out why…..a missing floor joist and multiple broken joist.
Well most of the new floor joist are in and the subfloor is partially down in the kitchen area.  Brian and Grandpa Jack are busy working on the beam that is rotten (where the kitchen sink had a leak, most likely for years)

Let the projects begin…..

Side Porch…..

 The images below are of the side porch when we took possession.   Besides looking horrible it smelled awful, I refused to even enter the enclosed side porch.  It was a combination of wet musty and animal urine smell…..nasty.
Brian immediately began to pull down the ceiling, hoping to help the horrible smell.  I wish I had a video camera going at the time….once the ceiling began to fall down a dead raccoon skeleton came tumbling down.  Watch out Brian……..
The tiles on the ledge in the basement pictures reeked with animal urine.  We haven’t decided at the moment if we are going to tear off the porch and redo it correctly or just leave a roof over the door to the basement and kitchen.

Decision Time…….

Decision Time

After much debating back and forth between Brian and I and several emails and calls to the Delp family we have come to our decision…………
This is the one, this is the house.  After the inspection, which showed a few more items we missed during our inspection brought up the next problem.  Financing this amazing old house and property, we knew that the VA would not approve the property for a loan in its current condition or any other lender for that matter.   So the Delp family agreed to a contract loan for three years after which we would get a loan to finance the remaining balance of the loan.  After working out a few details concerning the contract loan we closed on the house in the end of July 2015.
Immediately after closing at the title company, we headed out to the property.  It still didn’t seem real that this 1800’s house and land was ours.  Let the work begin…..

Viewing day…

Viewing day…..

Pulling in the drive, Brian and I both nervous and excited….could this be the one.  We knew the property was not quite the acres we wanted but the sister had mentioned there could be a possibility of buying land from the Aunt next door.   We started looking through the house and then I noticed Brian had left the house and was exploring the barns.  After about two hours, Brian and I left the property with more questions in our minds than when we arrived.  The talk on the way home raised more questions than answers.  Neither us sure what to think.  I thought we would leave the property either saying…This is the one….or no way in hell!

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Spam or not????

Spam or not

I emailed the listing…..about a week later I got a response.  Yes!   The son of the owner emailed me back about the property and said, “the family would be at the house over the weekend moving their father out of the property.  He wouldn’t give me the address of the property and said for me to email over the weekend to get directions.”
I am not one to sit around, I wanted to do a drive by on the house.  I knew I had seen the house before but couldn’t remember where, but the son did give me the general location.  So for the next few evenings we drove around the area….but no luck.  The weekend finally arrived, I emailed the listing but no response.    The following week, the son emailed me back and said he would email next time he would be in town.  After a few more correspondence, I began to think this was a spam.  At this point I just quit corresponding.  About 3 weeks later, I received one more email from the son stating that I should contact his sister.  So that evening I called the phone number in the email and spoke with the sister, Debbie.  Debbie immediately set up an appointment time for us to view the property.

High hopes….

High hopes….a possibility

Well its been 5 months of searching sites, driving around the county looking for property and checking out properties suggested by family and friends.  We have done quite a few drive-by on properties but no actual on site appointments.  Always something, either we didn’t like the property or we didn’t like the house or to far from my husband’s work or just too expensive for us.  Since our youngest was born, I became a stay at home mom and our income was cut almost in half.  So we decided our house budget should be cut back, well actually way back…almost in half.
I’m getting depressed, nothing on the sites even if we raise our budget.   So time to start thinking outside of the box to find what we are looking for…….
I happened to be on craigslist looking for HAM gear and noticed they have a real estate for sale area.  So after searching through 100’s of listing, one property caught my eye.  It’s a bit smaller than we want in acres but close to our price range and the type of house that we both like….farm house style.  The description sounds like the perfect house for us.  I immediately email the listing, with high hopes.


Temporary living arrangements……

Well we moved into our oldest son’s house, this has been a real adjustment especially for me, mom.   Well the obvious things are space confinements, its still a 3 bedroom house but half the size; we went from two bathrooms to one; and no family room just a living room.  But the worse adjustment at least for me, I can no longer say what time will you be home and where are you going….why because this is my house and my rules, as long as you live under my roof….don’t question me.  So now I have come up with a new saying ……because I’m your mom and I care what happens to you.
My husband laughs and says that I am a helicopter mom, maybe I am….I just care about my kids and want to know if something would happen to them.  I think I actually got worse about this when my oldest starting working night shift.   And it didn’t help when one of his friends / co-worker actually was involved in a car accident and was killed and his family didn’t find out for hours because they couldn’t identify him.
So the search begins……  Everyday I log into my laptop and start the search of checking out all the realtor sites…,,,, and a few others.  I knew this search could get difficult, my brother sold his home over a year ago and moved his family into a rental property until they find their new property.  We live in the same county and both are looking for land, except he has a lot more money to spend than us, and he hasn’t been able to find any thing.

Dickerson Homestead Project

Join us on our journey to a new lifestyle.  We have decided to get rid of our house in the Lake community and start a new life in the country raising animals and enjoying the outdoors.  O10906492_350929878422339_5767401331296301415_nur search begins for the perfect house and property…..and how we make it our own.

Well in 2014, we decided to finally sell our house in the POA lake community that we have lived in for 12 years.  After pulling our house off the market due to winter coming, we received a cash offer and excepted the offer.  I wasn’t thrilled because I didn’t want to move in the dead of winter and my husband was going to be out of town for 3 weeks during the move and closing.
 After three weeks of hell, the majority of our belongings were moved into four storage sheds and my In-laws house and garage plus some at a few friends house.  My husband was gone to California for work, during the last days of the move and my melt downs ( I can laugh now, but at the time I was stressed and crying.)  The night before my husband’s flight we still had a 3 car garage to empty…..thank goodness for my son and his friends, but I lost a lot of items to a dumpster.  The day of closing brought even more stress, the keys to the garage came up missing, one of the locks at the storage shed was frozen and the key broke off in it  and the under ground fence broke.   The new owners were nice enough to let us stay for another few days then it was time to load up our two dogs (the oldest has breast cancer) and cat  plus my two sons and headed out on an hour trip to drop the animals off at a boarding facility. And then for us it was off to an motel for 2 weeks.  Two weeks in one room in the middle of winter with a 4 year old is a bit much.  During all of this craziness, our oldest son was in the process of buying his first home.  We decided to move in with him and not rent a house while looking for our perfect property / home.  But as for the usual Dickerson luck, his house closing got pushed back another week.  So we had to extend our hotel stay and move the animals in with us as well… about a full room.  Finally our oldest closed on his house and we all in moved in for the time being…..  Now let the search begin for our dream home.