Decision Time…….

Decision Time

After much debating back and forth between Brian and I and several emails and calls to the Delp family we have come to our decision…………
This is the one, this is the house.  After the inspection, which showed a few more items we missed during our inspection brought up the next problem.  Financing this amazing old house and property, we knew that the VA would not approve the property for a loan in its current condition or any other lender for that matter.   So the Delp family agreed to a contract loan for three years after which we would get a loan to finance the remaining balance of the loan.  After working out a few details concerning the contract loan we closed on the house in the end of July 2015.
Immediately after closing at the title company, we headed out to the property.  It still didn’t seem real that this 1800’s house and land was ours.  Let the work begin…..